About MetaBIM

MetaBIM, Inc.  MetaBIM is a rapidly growing privately-held California corporation focused on development and support of FacilitiesLink™ and related MetaBIM Services for institutional clients. FacilitiesLink™ Technology is a Best-in-Class database platform for achieving a real-world transformation to Smart Campus. MetaBIM is the market-leader in enterprise facilities information systems in California, serving a substantial share of higher education colleges and universities in the state. The company is exploring growth opportunities in adjascent markets. Growth will propel MetaBIM's role as a key market participant in building out the future of Smart Campus.

Smart Campus.  For MetaBIM, Smart Campus is more than a catch-phrase. It means partnering with our clients in a long-term effort to improve facilities data, facilities database technology and facilities-related business practices. We help our clients achieve meaningful change in planning, facilities management and administration, improving operation and utilization of the built environment in support of the organizational mission. By taking a collaborative approach with talented people, next-generation technology and intelligent business practices, we help our clients achieve thoughtful and lasting outcomes for the entire organization.

Management Team.  MetaBIM's leadership team brings over 50 years of experience in project implementations, facilities planning and management, civil engineering, software engineering, information technology and database administration. The team has successfully implemented FacilitiesLink™ for over 20 large enterprise-class organizations, with 88 million gross square feet of institutional space currently under management. The principals at MetaBIM bring real-world experience, competence and know-how to every engagement, and this leads to effective implementations and lasting, constructive outcomes for MetaBIM's clients.

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