MetaBIM Services

MetaBIM partners with our clients on a range of facilities information efforts to help advance outcomes on behalf of our clients. The Services Programs below provide our clients with essential domain expertise and project management assistance.

C2BSM  -  CAD to BIM Conversions 
MetaBIM staff develop BIM models from CAD drawings of existing buildings, and integrate the models with FacilitiesLink, leveraging MetaBIM's expertise in the CAD-to-BIM toolchain.
PDSSM  -  Project Database Services
MetaBIM staff organize and harvest information from major and minor projects, reviewing, detailing, inspecting and integrating data on MetaBIM for life-cycle facility access.

C3SM  -  CAD Cleanup and Conformance
MetaBIM staff review CAD floor plans for drawing structure, layering, formatting and conformance to local CAD standards. Clean-up results in a consistent, organized floor plan archive.
QRIDSM  -  Equipment Record ID
MetaBIM staff survey, locate, inventory, photograph, classify and tag major equipment assets using mobile computing, cameras and printers connected to the Internet.

CMSSM  -  Campus Mapping Services
MetaBIM staff develop campus civil / ground basemaps using a combination of aerial photos and field-based survey methods, and integrate property, utilities and related overlays.
RAPSM  -  Remote Aerial Photography
MetaBIM's trained and certified Drone Pilots operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-definition, motion-stabilized cameras to capture remote photography.

DPRSM  -  Digital Plan Room
MetaBIM staff scan and catalog large-format drawings, upload to FacilitiesLink, organize into plan sets and index by building or location, date, project, category, discipline, etc.
SIASM  -  Space Inventory Audit
MetaBIM staff conduct walk-through space surveys, documenting, classifying, assigning and updating space attributes, occupants and conditions using campus conventions.

P360SM  -  Photo-Survey 360°
MetaBIM staff survey and photograph rooms and facilities in 360° wide-angle panorama format and upload the photos to the corresponding room and facility pages on FacilitiesLink™.

XBSSM  -  Existing Building Surveys

MetaBIM staff survey and capture existing-condition floor plans to CAD, including walls, windows, doors, and other fixed floor details such as partitions, stairs and casework.

MetaBIM is committed to excellence. All engagements are professionally managed and staffed with highly-trained, experienced MetaBIM personnel. MetaBIM Services Programs and our superior data products accelerate the transformation to Smart Campus.

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